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We Beat the Others By Thousands, Not Hundreds Of Dollars
No one knows more about basements than we do.

As Long As They Are Licensed & Insured & Not A Friend Or A Relative. Savings May Vary Depending On Size Of The Project.

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Is your basement teeming with forgotten boxes, random objects, and lots of clutter? Are you eager to clear it out and make it into a space that’s not only usable but one of the focal points of your home?

If you want a space that feels brand-new but won’t cost nearly as much as building an add-on, then contact our team at Finished Basements LLC to learn about our basement remodeling services.

Our passion is to bring extra living space to you and your family by using the space that you already have. If you’re tired of living in a home where your basement serves no other purpose than storage, let us revamp your space and double your home’s living and usable area at half the cost of an expansion.

Fall and Winter Special

21% off all labor

Call for project size limitations for discount.

Fall and Winter Special

3 hours of

FREE Interior Design Counseling

from our ASID member (American Society of Interior Designers)
licensed and insured builder

About Finished Basements LLC

Since our beginnings in 1996, we’ve been upgrading homes and lifestyles in Oakland County and Macomb County, MI, while working within your budget. Our team of professional and expertly trained remodelers will work with you to bring you the best basement remodeling experience of your life with as little inconvenience and hassle as possible.

We take pride in enhancing the quality of your home and giving you more space to make memories in. We work tirelessly every time to pull off the perfect job while ensuring our work and your basement are both up to code. Backed by years of experience, rigorous vetting of our employees, and exacting standards that we live by, Finished Basements LLC can completely remodel your basement, going off of your input, vision, and requirements. With hundreds of satisfied clients left in our wake, it’s no wonder that we’ve become Michigan’s go-to provider of professional basement remodeling services.

What Can We Do for You?

Finished Basements LLC is proud to offer comprehensive basement remodeling services for all of your basement needs. We can assist with the design, remodel, and finishing of your basement to give you an inviting living space that exceeds your dreams. Whether you want a bar, media room, or simple living space, we can increase the amount of usable square footage in your home. You won’t have to go through the hassle and expense of moving or building an add-on!

We offer designing, building, consulting, and project management services for your basement. Having basements as our only focus has enabled us to possess an unparalleled level of expertise when it comes to finishing and remodeling them.

Trust the Best, Forget the Rest

In today’s economy, it’s key to be cost-efficient and choose the option for your home that best fits your needs and your budget. On average, constructing an add-on for your home can cost anywhere from $25,000 to more than $100,000, depending on the size and layout. Allowing our team at Finished Basements LLC to do a simple basement remodel for you will only cost a fraction of that price, running on average anywhere from $7,000 to $19,000, also dependent upon the size. Plus, choosing us as your remodeling professionals will ensure you get high-quality, affordable, and dependable work that will last for decades.

For a free estimate, fill out our information request form, or contact us today. We can provide you with a free DVD with pictures of our previous projects, and all estimates include detailed CAD design and spreadsheets of projected cost estimates. Finished Basements LLC is so exact that we can show you how much of every supply piece your project will need, right down to the very last screw.