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Professional Basement Services

Is your basement unfinished and going to waste? Do you and your family ever hang out down there, or is it just ignored? Have you always wanted to use it for something but you aren’t sure what’s possible?

Finished Basements LLC is proud to offer you high-quality basement services that could just be the solution you need. Though basements are one of the largest spaces in your home, they’re hardly ever used to their full potential.

If you need more living space or want to add some charm and appeal to your basement, why spend tens of thousands of dollars on building an addition when you could harness the possibilities of space you already have for a tiny portion of the cost? Trust our experts to perfectly complete your basement remodel job while working within your budget.


Free Consultation

As the first step of our basement services, we conduct a free project consultation to get a better sense of what we’re working with, what you’d like, and what we need to do.

Typically, we start by asking what you would like your basement to be, whether it’s a living area with a bedroom and bathroom or it’s a media room with a bar. Budget parameters and finished square footage of your job are also usually discussed. We can work with the unique needs and requests of each individual client to help bring you the basement you’ve been longing for. Our goal is to do the work while you watch your vision come alive.

Design Drawing and Estimate for Materials

While redoing your basement can add value to your home, it’s important to have a solid design and to understand the costs. Because of this, our comprehensive basement services include free drawings of designs and an estimate for materials and labor. We work with your budget and vision to find the ideal option, balancing opulence with cost.

With more than a thousand basements designed and constructed by our professional crew, rest assured that you’re getting experienced and skilled experts to work on your home. During the design process, we take into consideration the size and layout of furniture, tables, appliances, and other objects as well as city codes and code design tolerances. This allows us to assure that aesthetics and functionality are present in your design in every step.

Our estimates are exact, and we stay on budget. You’ll receive a detailed CAD drawing that will show you everything we’ll do, down to furniture placement, and a 3D view in full color. Along with those, you’ll get itemized lists of materials and labor so you know exactly what you’re paying for. We’ll work with your budget and ideas. All you’ll need to provide are the appliances, furniture, and components.

Our Basement Finishing Process

While we’re completing the project, we’ll keep you up to date with the progress through regular reports. We promise efficiency and convenience. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is choosing your aesthetic components. You’ll be able to adjust and change your design throughout the process, and should you decide to make changes, you’ll receive a detailed estimate for labor and materials before we begin.

Finishing your basement is an investment that will increase the value of your home and the space you have to spend time with your family. Protect that investment by hiring Michigan’s leading provider of basement services. For experience, quality, and affordability choose the professional team at Finished Basements LLC for all of your basement needs.