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Basement Bathrooms

Are you remodeling your basement and need a bathroom constructed? Do you want your basement to be a more practical space, with convenience and style?

For years, we at Finished Basements LLC, have been providing superior basement plumbing services. We can design, build, and install your complete basement bathroom while working within your budget and staying on schedule.

Your basement should be one of the most well-loved parts of your home. Adding a basement bathroom will make it convenient and functional for gatherings, relaxation time, or making memories with your family. From custom designs to construction to finishing touches, we walk you through every step and keep you updated on your project while you watch your dream come alive before your eyes.

Design with Us

When you choose Finished Basements LLC as your provider of basement plumbing expertise, you’re choosing one of the most trusted basement specialists in Michigan. It all starts with a consultation for custom designs, where we meet in your home to take a look at your basement and go over your ideas with you. Based on your budget, goals, and the realities of what’s possible for your basement, our design specialists and technicians will offer you ideas and designs that are practical, functional, and beautiful.

Before construction begins, you’ll receive a variety of materials from us to give you an exact idea of what your basement bathroom will look like and how much it will cost. We provide you with precisely detailed 3D views in full color of what the finished product will be, allowing you to see the layout of the bathroom, any furniture, the lighting, spacing, and more, down to the very last detail. You’ll also receive an in-depth blueprint and CAD drawing of your basement to give you different angles and formats to view your basement bathroom.

Expertise in Basement Plumbing

Installing new plumbing or redoing the existing plumbing in your basement can be a challenge if you’re not experienced. Since we’ve been working on basements since 1996, we’ve seen it all, done it all, and know almost all there is to know about plumbing for your basement bathroom.

Adding a basement bathroom will increase how much your home is worth. However, installing a toilet or sink in a basement that sits below your sewage and water lines requires expert knowledge. Channeling waste to the existing sewer line can be a challenge for those unfamiliar with the process. Our expertise comes into play here. From knowing how to work with your septic system to the requirements for pipe size to knowing codes and ordinances to being able to reroute existing plumbing, we have the experience to get the job done efficiently and quickly.

Why Choose Finished Basements LLC?

Basement finishing is our business. It’s all that we do at Finished Basements LLC, and we do it well. We’re experts, making us your best option for building your dream basement. Rated as an A+ business with the Better Business Bureau, we take our quality of work and customer satisfaction seriously. We’re all about doing the job the best way possible with as few mistakes as possible and going above and beyond to correct the situation if a mistake is made.

We’ve included a gallery of our completed basement plumbing and bathroom projects and we offer expert consulting on what exact furnishings or fixtures will work best for your home.