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Basement Media Rooms

Are you a movie fanatic or a gaming lover that’s looking to expand the space you have to enjoy yourself in? Have you considered a media room in your basement?

At Finished Basements LLC, we’ll transform your basement into the room of your dreams. Our professional crew members are backed by years of experience and hands-on knowledge. Together, we’ll build the ideal basement media room for your home.

Whether you’re a movie buff that wants the full theater experience or you’re into gaming and want a media cave, we work with your goals to deliver a comfortable experience in your basement at affordable prices. We have high ratings with the BBB as well as a long history of satisfied customers that would choose us again if they wanted another basement remodel. For quality you can count on, experience you can trust, and prices you can smile about, choose Finished Basements LLC for your basement upgrading project.

Design Your Haven

For many gamers, music fans, and movie lovers, watching, listening to, or playing something on a normal TV in the living room just isn’t enough. To truly get the full experience and immerse yourself in the game, movie, or music, you want something bigger and better. You want a haven where you can get away to focus or hang out with your family and make memories. Whether it’s your favorite album or the newest blockbuster, everything will look, sound, and feel a thousand times better with the proper equipment.

While we’re creating custom designs for you, we ensure the setup is exactly the way you need it to be for your media room’s purposes. From the size of the screen to soundproofing materials to planning for studio equipment or speakers, every aspect of your experience is taken into consideration by our design team. A meeting and consultation will start the process, where we’ll learn what you want, what your basement is capable of, and how best to get it done.

CAD drawings, blueprints, and a 3D visual in full-color will give you a real look at what your finished basement media room will look like, down to the placement of chairs and lighting. A free estimate will also be provided, along with itemized lists of material and labor estimates.

Creating Something Better

Once designs are final, construction of your dream basement media room will begin. Whether you need special acoustic-rated building materials or a theater-sized screen, we’ll craft the ideal environment for your purposes and wishes. Included will be a detailed wiring diagram for audio and video accessories to save you time and money. We can plan around all types of seating, whether it’s theater style seating or something special made for gaming. We can construct a wet bar or kitchen for your media room and build and install storage space and shelves for all of your equipment.

At Finished Basements LLC, our crew members are thoroughly vetted and have hands-on knowledge and skill. We use the finest materials at affordable prices. We’ll never go over your budget, and our custom designs give you the chance to see the finished product before it’s even begun.

Even if your basement is glorified storage space at the moment, transform it into something extraordinary. Build more memories, enjoy your time more thoroughly, and increase the value of your home with a basement media room created from custom designs. We’re the best choice for your investment.