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Request a Detailed Estimate

Are you thinking of remodeling your basement but are scared of the potential price tag? Have you been surfing the internet for average estimates because you don’t want to pay more money for someone to come out and give you an estimate, only to come up short?

Don’t let the thought of an estimate keep you from realizing your basement’s full potential. We can provide you with a free detailed estimate and consultation for your basement remodel, whether you want a game or media room set up or a living space created, complete with bathroom and kitchen. For more than 20 years, we’ve given our clients fair and true estimates that we don’t stray from, down to the very last nail. If you want an accurate estimate for basement services, then look no further than our professionals at Finished Basements LLC.
Ask to see an example of our itemized pricing sheet.

What’s Involved in Getting an Estimate?

When you first contact us about your decision to remodel your basement, we’ll come out to your home and conduct a free consultation. Our complimentary consultations include a discussion about what your goals are for your basement, discussing budget options, and then pitching realistic possibilities for your specific basement goals based on your input. After that, we’re able to draw up custom designs of your basement. Then, you’ll receive an itemized list of estimated costs for labor and materials.

Our detailed estimates are rigorously calculated to be as precise and accurate as possible. We never go over the set budget, guaranteed. You’ll know exactly what costs how much and how many of them we’ll be using. If the total is a bit out of your price range, you’ll be able to see what costs the most and adjust details and features to fit your budget.

The detailed estimates we provide you will give you a close idea of how much your basement will cost and allow you to adjust your basement design based on price and priority of features. The cost of your basement remodel will depend on the square footage of the space you’re remodeling, the type of remodel you want to be done, and the accessories, furnishings, fixtures, and more than you want to come with it.

How Do I Get One?

To get a free, detailed estimate for our basement services, all you have to do is reach out to us and schedule a time for one of our skilled technicians to come to your home. We have an online form to fill out, you can reach us at your local Finished Basements LLC office, or you can email or call us. Our estimates are free of charge, and we work to find you the most cost-efficient and affordable, but high-quality, options available on the market. Ask to see an example of our itemized pricing sheet.

Empowering you to bring your basement room visions to life is what we’re here for, and our detailed estimates will help you figure out how close you are to being able to achieve your dream room. Whether you want a media room, bar room, living space, or other, Finished Basements LLC can provide you with an accurate estimate and professional basement services that won’t let you down.

Our Basement Finishing Process

While we’re completing the project, we’ll keep you up to date with the progress through regular reports. We promise efficiency and convenience. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is choosing your aesthetic components. You’ll be able to adjust and change your design throughout the process, and should you decide to make changes, you’ll receive a detailed estimate for labor and materials before we begin.

Finishing your basement is an investment that will increase the value of your home and the space you have to spend time with your family. Protect that investment by hiring Michigan’s leading provider of basement services. For experience, quality, and affordability choose the professional team at Finished Basements LLC for all of your basement needs.

Request An Estimate